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Oct 31, 1999 This week is the Halloween special! Special day, and a really, er... special querant!
Oct 22, 1999 This week, it's ghosts from the past, and a Halloween contest!
Oct 15, 1999 It's not easy having a multi-million dollar trust fund...
Jan 15, 1999 The selfish act of dropping a bomb begins a new year of Ask LadyJ!
Oct 23, 1998 The effects of Pink Floyd and alien abduction on your sex life, in this edition of ALJ!
Aug 7, 1998 "Paging Dr. Petty..." and the continuing Scumbag saga, in this week's Ask LadyJ!
Jul 10, 1998 The myth of the perfect man is exposed in this week's Ask LadyJ!
Jun 26, 1998 Scumbags, defined... in this week's Ask LadyJ!
Jun 19, 1998 You can't please all of the people all of the time... especially not with whoopie cushions! This week, in ALJ!
Jun 12, 1998 It's the thoughtlessness that counts...
Jun 5, 1998 You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose...
Apr 3, 1998 Should you be wary of "large-hearted" men? Find out in this week's ALJ!
Mar 27, 1998 Is chivalry dead? Find out this week in Ask LadyJ!
Mar 6, 1998 How do you deal with an overprotective guardian? This week, in ALJ!
Feb 27, 1998 The Art of Human Avoidance, this week in ALJ!
Feb 20, 1998 The dangers of life in the city, this week in ALJ!
Feb 13, 1998 LadyJ Returns!
Oct 3, 1997 Baggage and bar-bunnies, in this week's ALJ!
Sep 26, 1997 LadyJ's back at the helm, with a hefty dose of advice for those who need it!
Aug 15, 1997 Is blood thicker than water? Find out in this week's column!
Aug 1, 1997 You're invited but your friends can't come, this week in Ask LadyJ!
Jul 25, 1997 Searching for jobs, searching for honesty, and searching for porn, all in this week's Ask LadyJ!
Jul 18, 1997 Who will advise the advisors? Nobody!
Jul 11, 1997 New uses for silverware in this week's Ask LadyJ!
Jul 4, 1997 Piracy runs rampant in this week's Ask LadyJ!
Jun 27, 1997 The connection between grammar and amorousness, and a re-butt-al to Issue 14....
Jun 20, 1997 Putting T-Ball parents in their place in Issue 16!
Jun 13, 1997 Frozen food and occupational homicide in Issue 15 of Ask LadyJ!
Jun 9, 1997 Breaking up by mail, the use of verbal skills in panhandling, and... LadyJ's ass?! This week in Ask LadyJ!
May 30, 1997 Fishing for romance, and LadyJ takes her own advice in Issue 13!
May 23, 1997 Porking a pen pal, and hunting down your ex in this week's Ask LadyJ!
May 16, 1997 Beavis and Butthead dissent, LadyJ repents, and a 16-year-old consents in this week's issue!
May 9, 1997 LadyJ explains the ins and outs of Internet Relay Chat!
May 2, 1997 In this week's column: Fanny fanciers and pedestrian love!
Apr 25, 1997 Natural urges, and an apology snoballs in this week's column!
Apr 18, 1997 A reader gets out of joint over powdered urine in this week's Ask LadyJ!
Apr 11, 1997 LadyJ reveals the secret Geckoplex chat area, and more, in the sextal issue of Ask LadyJ!
Apr 4, 1997 Drifting away, and more bad news for the Limp Panhandler in Episode V!
Mar 28, 1997 It's murder, mayhem, and mimeographs in Episode IV of Ask LadyJ!
Mar 21, 1997 Addictive personalities seek relief, and a Floridian seeks an uplifting experience...
Mar 14, 1997 In this week's issue: Shakespearean soliloquies, squirrel sabotage, and more!
Mar 7, 1997 Welcome to the premiere of Ask LadyJ!
In her first column, LadyJ decries the evils of spit-bathing, and answers a question with a riddle....

Born and raised in NYC, LadyJ developed a quick wit and an acid tongue to entertain her friends, and cut down those foolish enough to oppose her.

This abrasiveness earned her a reputation as a heartless bitch in some circles, but those closest to her still believe she has a great capacity for understanding and caring, and a talent for advice.

On this website, LadyJ offers herself both to help those who ask her advice, and to entertain those who find her humorous. Those who fall into neither category are leftovers, and we all know that no one likes leftovers.

So, if you have a problem that you need help with, and the courage to accept her advice...

Ask LadyJ!

Special thanks to The Geckoplex for its help in launching and promoting the advice of LadyJ.

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