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Here are the results of the Halloween Contest!

I didn't end up actually wearing a costume this weekend (besides my Rocky Horror costumes for the three performances we're doing for Halloween weekend) but I got a few kick-ass suggestions that I will definitely be considering for next year.

Our winner is Kate Pohjola of Warren, MI. She suggested a few things, the coolest of which (I thought) was a pile of laundry. I modified the suggestion in my brain to be an actual basket of laundry, and would have purchased a laundry basket to cut apart and wear around my body. I would have worn sweats, and piled other clothes around me in the basket, and put underwear on my head. Kate will be receiving something cool and yet cheap, to be determined when I'm shopping for something else and it occurs to me that this other thing is just perfect.

Our runner-up is Doug Shaw of somewhere in freakin Iowa or something equally depressing. He said I should go as my evil twin, "Jydal." I would wear all white, be prudish, giggly, and perky. I thought that costume might be just a bit too scary, so I opted against it. Doug wins a whole lot of absolutely nothing, to be delivered immediately, if not sooner.

Dear LadyJ,

I have a problem, I seem to be afraid of people that shave chickens and wear them as hats. I never used to have this problem, but since I got back from the war with the Orcs, I have been a little unstable. Like last week the king was angry with me cause I peed in the mote. The guard was wearing a shaved chicken so I ran.

Help me!


Hmmm, now that's an idea. I could have shaved a chicken and worn it on my head for Halloween! Too bad the contest winners have already been announced.

By the way, I think in this case, you mean M O A T, not M O T E. It's important that you spell your delusions correctly.

My advice is to have a Happy Halloween, enjoy the fact that you're not the freakiest person running around for one night, and switch from Warcraft to a nice safe game like Maisy or Putt-Putt for a while.

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