Awards & Accolades

For some reason, people seem to like my site. *shrug* Go figure.
Here are the awards I've received, in no particular order.

This site has been
awarded the
Award for Excellence
by Harraden's Habitat(t)

Overall Creative Website Award Wala Girl's Excellence Award
Grandfather of All Links Jill and Lisa's Hot Site Award
GAR award Infinite Search
Something's Brewing Rokkit Scientists Like It Excellence in Web Design
Martin's Homepage - Award Yo' Page Don't Suck You Rock Me!
Internet Award The Fishing Pier Award of Excellence Market-Tek Design Award
Omega's Latest Jewels Rose Award
Bottom 95% of the Web Award Sun and Moon Award Olive it! Award
G Page Ultimate Award SetOff Site of the Day Interest Ravi's Elite Pick
This site has been
awarded the
Award for Creativity
by Harraden's Habitat(t)

CM Award HotLink Award Gold Star Award
True Style Award Starsaber's Award The Twisted Realm Award DevilKid Award
The Gold Trophy of Web Page Excellence Jazzy's Little Piece of Heaven Stines Home Award
Lady Luna's award for Excellence Muldoon's Garage [ .Creative Web Designs. | .Free COOL Animation. ] Creativity Award - - A Long Way From Home
Girlie Badge Dark Site Award Obzcure
Panache Award
The Eclipse Award The Intrepid Broccoli
Wola's Award Mopsicle Award
Solitaire Award JKLaFemme's Pearl of the Web Mildly Interesting Site of the Day: Special Award
Majon Award Captain's Catch of the Day Amazing Content Award
Willy's Haggis Award Super Highway Award

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