Welcome to the #brainsex page!

The history of #brainsex

IRC allows people from all over the world to converse, share thoughts and ideas, debate issues... so why are there so many sex channels and so few intellectually stimulating conversations? Well, maybe thinking has become a lost art. Maybe it hasn't. LadyJ needed a place to be her home on efnet IRC, so she created #brainsex.

In #brainsex, people have a place to discuss things with each other, and assume that the conversation can progress to a level of intelligent discussion improbable on other IRC channels.

Most opinions are welcome on this channel, as long as the person who expresses those opinions is willing to debate about them reasonably. Abusive behavior is a no-no, except by LadyJ, because she is a Goddess. :)

People who come into the channel believing that it is a sex channel will be ridiculed. If a person exhibits the characteristics of an HNG (Horny Net Geek), he or she will be ostracized, kick-banned, and/or toyed with mercilessly. The channel ops also reserve the right to kick for absolutely no reason at all. They have this right because they are close friends of the Goddess, LadyJ.

The people of #brainsex

This channel is still pretty small, but it's growing. If you are not on this page and think you should be, let LadyJ know.


Fearless Leader of #brainsex, never afraid of her own opinions, advice columnist to the stars.


Idler, Pink Floyd enthusiast, and first officer of the channel.


LadyJ's real-life mom, and sassy woman extraordinaire.


"One day I'll be teaching science to your kids. Be afraid. Be very afraid."


Originally a temporary stand-in for Pinocchio during his hiatus, but now he's our best bot pal!


Some bitchy bot that got all uppity and kicked LadyJ.


"I dunno yet, I'll cogitate on it and let you know this afternoon if thats ok?"


Philosopher and one of LadyJ's best friends.


Bot mechanic and all-around nice guy.


Idler and... well, idler.


Occasional visitor, and longtime friend to LadyJ.


Bouncer and idler.


Ex-roommate of LadyJ


Antagonistic tag-teammate to LadyJ.


"Hell I dunno, just say I'm some spaz who drops by now and then to judge the idle marathons.. shrug"


TripS' irc bro, and an all-around nice guy.


Philosopher, agnostic, antagonist.


Maker of fine chainmail goods.


"I think I am the God of popping in and out of numerous #'s to make an appearance and say hi to ppl. =)"


"Some mouse that sits around and idles all day."


A sweet and intelligent writer.


He used to be a fake eggie, but now he's retired!