The Caption Ring
The Caption Ring
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Do you have a game or contest that involves captioning pictures? If so, you want to join The Caption Ring! The people who play my caption game and his caption game and her caption contest are the same people who would be interested in your caption game or contest. What better way to get them to hit your site than to join The Caption Ring?

Make sense to you? Good!

Please save the graphic from the top of this page and place it on your server. Then, go to the site submission form by clicking the link below.

After you fill out the submission form, you will be given the HTML code to place on your webpage. Please do that as quickly as possible after signing up, because I will be dropping in to check that you've placed the html fragment properly. Once I've seen that the ring code is on your page, I will add you to the ring! It's as simple as that!

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The webring server is very slow lately due to the volume of webrings that people have created. Please be patient when clicking on links to URLs that start with "". They really are trying.