Artistic Renderings of LadyJ

Sam and I had this one done at Cedar Point on May 20, 2000:

I got this one on May 8, 2000 from John Hazard:

...along with this email, which John gave me permission to post:

Well, all this time of checking that "what's new" section of your site (with its odd mile-long scroll down) has finally paid off. I LOVE the corset pictures. It's a good thing I'm not your boyfriend, because I would not give you a moment's peace until you renouced plaid and flannel forever and promised to always wear fetish gear (though let's face it, I'd gladly take you wearing a plastic garbage bag, but you get the idea). Once again you've filled me with frustration with your out-of-state fabulousness. I know you don't like e-mail attachments, but I'm not set up for ftp yet here on the new job, and I wanted to show you how deeply, fully, and totally (erect) gratefull I was to get to see your sexy side by blowing off precious work time by making one of my inept but loving likenessess of you. You can cat'o'nine my tail any time.

Heh, I'll forgive you for sending an attachment, John... but just once.

John Hazard submitted these in December of 1999:

Alan Hauck did these for me in 1998, to kick off the site:

If you've got the talent and inclination to produce a drawing of me, please email me and let me know. Do NOT attach image files to your email. We can discuss alternative methods of file transfer once I receive your email.