Linking to LadyJ

So, you've decided to link to one of my pages? That's mighty swell of you! May I suggest that you read on a teeny bit more, so you can see the myriad options available to you?

There are many entry points to this site. You may link directly to the main page if you wish, but when referencing a specific part of this site, it is useful to link directly to that particular page. These are the direct URLs for each section that has its own entry point:

While even text links are certainly appreciated, the following graphics can also be used when linking to my site:

I'd love to know who finds my site linkworthy, so please email me and let me know if you're linking to me. Please also save the graphics to your own server. Do not link directly to the images on my server. From time to time, things change and shift around over here, and neither you nor I want there to be broken images on your website. Lastly, if you have frames on your site, please put a target="_top" in the link tag.