The Five Ws of LadyJ


Who the hell are you, LadyJ?

Hey there. I'm LadyJ. Okay, my real name is Jessica Kent.

I now live in Lincoln, Nebraska. From late March of 1999 to June 10, 2000, I was living in Cleveland Ohio. Despite these moves, I will always be a New Yorker. I was going to write a FAQ about why I originally moved to Cleveland, but the answer is different every time I think about it. Sometimes I think it's because my life was stagnating in New York. Sometimes I think it was because my family and I get along better in direct proportion to the amount of geographic distance between us. Someone suggested that this picture might explain the reason. Why did I move to Nebraska? Well, I'm in love with a man who happens to live there, and I've moved in with him. Don't worry, we'll find somewhere more metropolitan to move before too long.

I am 26 years old. I'm tall (approximately 5 feet and 10 inches), fat (nunya business how fat), and pretty (check my photos and/or webcam to see for yourself.) I have some piercings, striking blue eyes, and my hair is currently curly, darkish, and shoulder length. I recently got my first tattoo, and the photos and what I've written about the experience can be found in my body modification journal.

My nick/handle/alias/whatever is LadyJ, because I really dug Lady Jaye from G I Joe when I was a kid. She is butch and femme and tough and pretty. She isn't a slut like Scarlet, or boring like Cover Girl, or evil like The Baroness, or stupid like Zarana. She didn't get nearly enough attention in the storylines, as far as I'm concerned. For my next car, I'm considering getting vanity plates that say YO JOE, but then again, I like the idea of NOO YORK, too.

Despite the fact that I'm happily hooked up, I enjoy having personal ads out there. Sometimes the responses are amusing. I found a personals service that will allow people who are not members to view my ad. Just search for "LadyJ". I liked the questionaire. It was pretty thorough without being annoying or chirpy. I also placed a geek personal ad at UserFriendly's geek personals service, peer 2 peer.

What do you do, by golly?

Until recently, I worked for an ISP called Now Online. I was Technical Services Supervisor. I wanted my title to be Mistress of Technical Support or Technical Support Goddess, but my boss didn't go for either of those. Now I am looking for work again, in a new town. It's not easy. If anyone has a job for me in Lincoln, NE... please be sure to let me know!

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My hobbies in Cleveland included doing stage tech for the local Rocky Horror cast Simply His Servants, "singing" karaoke, playing my character in a new GURPS campaign, working on this website, playing silly games with friends, playing Wordox on (Samwise kicked my ass!), kicking in a hack circle, hanging out with my local buds, and missing my favorite doggie.

Now I don't get to do many of those things, but I did find another karaoke place with almost as fantastic a selection as Nick had. When I am not jobhunting, I still spend time reading about and participating in body modification, procrastinating about my advice column, being an assistant janitor in the Geckoplex, and chatting on IRC.

Here's some stuff I said in an interview for The Cleveland Free Times, in Free Speech, for the week of 10/13/99 to 10/19/99.

There will be other info here in the future.

Where in blazes can you be found?

Well, there are a few options.

On efnet, my haunts are:

  • My own channel, #brainsex.
  • A channel for pierced and/or tattooed freaks like myself, #bodyart.
  • Hackers and slackers and idlers, oh my! #monkey-island.
  • #nebraska, which has since moved to another server, but I'm too lazy to join them.
  • Home to a bunch of idling Robert Jordan fans and/or critics, #two.rivers.
  • Sometimes, I play a really fun Jeopardy-style game, #riskybus.
  • Occasionally I pop in on this really cool 20 questions-like game, #initgame

On ICQ, my UIN is 1931797.
If you want to send me a brief message and don't have ICQ, you can use this form. I don't guarantee a reply, and I can't even if I want to unless you include a valid email address.

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When can you be contacted, for Pete's sake?

Well, you'll just have to try your luck when you feel like it. I'm either contactable or I'm not. However, you can always finger me and see if I am logged into my shell account. If I'm online and reachable, I'm probably logged in. If I'm not logged in, you can at least read some funny quotes in my .plan file, assuming it's actually working.

Why do you even freakin' bother?

I ask myself the same thing, fairly frequently. The answer may be that I love being told how terrific I am. I'm encouraged to keep working on my website by getting the occasional email, IRC or ICQ message, or guestbook entry with praise to my HTML skills and/or writing abilities. Also, getting a letter for my advice column makes me feel like I can make some kind of difference in the world... or at least get a laugh.