LadyJ's Wish List

Dear Santa,

I've gone another whole year without killing anyone, even though I've been tested on a daily basis by dialup customers, drivers, pedestrians, and store clerks. Considering all that, I think I deserve a place on your "nice" list, don't you?

In case I am lucky enough to have escaped the "naughty" category, I have compiled this list of stuff I'd like, to save you the trouble of racking your brain for ideas:

  • A decent CD/dual-cassette/radio system. Nothing fancy, just something suitable for home, and yet portable enough to bring somewhere if I choose to do so
  • A gift certificate for or
  • A gift certificate for Lane Bryant (a really great, reasonably priced, large size clothing store for women)
  • A TMBG CD: "John Henry"
  • Tapes upon which are compiled really good music that it is known I do not have and yet will like, the way my friend Phil The Boy Genius used to make them
  • A gift certificate for any music store (actual or online) so I can pick out my own music
  • A small refrigerator for my room
  • A microwave or hotpot or similar dorm-style cooking device
  • An all-expenses paid trip to Body Work Productions for a piercing that has yet to be determined
  • Airfare round trip to New York so I can visit my mom, sister, and doggie
  • Airfare round trip to Boston for the weekend of January 14-16 so I can go to a party I may otherwise have to miss because of lack of funds
  • A really nice pair of 0 gauge plugs or eyelets for me to wear when I'm ready for my next earlobe stretch after the one I'm going to do when I get the 2 gauge eyelets that Judith Grunberger is being so supercool about sending me
  • Socks - not boring socks, but cool socks... like those rainbow striped ones I got from Old Navy last year that I wore to tatters and finally had to throw out. Oh yeah... and make sure they're big enough for my enormous feet.
  • Leather pants, as long as they don't end up looking ridiculous on me
  • A new computer with all kinds of nifty state-of-the-art stuff in it
  • A Jeep Cherokee Sport or Chevy Blazer
  • Money - lots and lots of money. If you can arrange for me to win a huge lottery jackpot, that would be mondo-mega cool.

I know that most of it is unlikely at best, but there's no harm in tipping you off, right? If you happen to know a friend of mine who's looking for something to get me, please point him or her to this page so he or she will know what I want. Thanks, big guy... and ho ho ho to you, too.

Love and smooches,

P.S. Here is a list of friends of mine who also have their wish lists online. I figured I'd do a little of the virtual legwork for you, and allow you more time for being jolly or something.