LadyJ's Wish List - Christmas 2000

Dear Santa,

It's that time of year again. I look back on the past year, and I see that I have done some good deeds, refrained from taking it upon myself to cleanse the gene pool of all the morons I meet from day to day, and played fairly well with others. I'm hoping I made the cut.

In case I am lucky enough to have escaped the "naughty" category, I have compiled this list of stuff I'd like, to save you the trouble of racking your brain for ideas:

  • A job that I will enjoy, make a decent living doing, in an environment that's casual and comfortable
  • A Jeep Cherokee Sport or Chevy Blazer
  • A karaoke disc of songs from the musical Cabaret so I can take it to the show and bring some culture to these Nebraskans
  • Fun boardgames for me and Sam to play
  • A food processor
  • Some nice stainless steel cookware
  • A bread machine
  • A DVD player... or better yet, a Playstation II, which does also happen to play DVDs
  • I need a bunch of clear o-rings for my plugs and eyelets in various sizes.
  • The entirety of I CLAVDIVS on tape from PBS
  • The owner of Anatometal is willing to give me a reduced price on a full set of stretching tapers. I still can't afford them. I want a full set of stretching tapers.
  • Pairs of really pretty plugs for my ears in sizes ranging from 00ga to 0000ga
  • Socks - not boring socks, but cool socks... rainbow socks, toesies socks, striped socks, weird socks... and make sure they're big enough for my enormous feet
  • I still want leather pants. I still hope they don't end up looking ridiculous on me.
  • A gift certificate for Lane Bryant (a really great, reasonably priced, large size clothing store for women)
  • A gift certificate for or so I can pick out books, music, and/or software
  • Money - lots and lots of money! If you can arrange for me to win a huge lottery jackpot, that would be mondo-mega cool.

I know that most of it is unlikely at best, but there's no harm in tipping you off, right? If you happen to know a friend of mine who's looking for something to get me, please point him or her to this page so he or she will know what I want. Thanks, big guy... and ho ho ho to you, too.

Love and smooches,