The Word Game

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Several years ago, I concocted this game with a few friends. We called it "The Word Game" and played it frequently, usually under the influence of lack of sleep.

You need two or more players. You need as many sheets of paper as you have players, and more, if you're adventurous. Each player needs a writing implement.

Each player starts with a sheet of paper. At the start of the game, each player begins a story, and passes the page to the person on his or her right. Each person picks up the page that has been passed and adds to it, and passes again to the right. This continues until the stories are done.

When taking your turn with each page, you are allowed to write one, two, or three words before passing the page. This includes the first turn, when everyone is starting. Also, when passed a page, try not to read farther back than the last five to ten words. The word limitations keep one person from overly developing a concept, and creates the desired effect when the story is read at the end of the game.

A story is over when a player receives a page, decides not to add any more, and declares the story finished. Players should generally hold off for a while before doing this, because longer stories are usually more fun. When all the stories are declared done, they are randomly dealt out and read aloud in turn amid snickers, giggles, and snorts. Despite your best efforts during the game, each story will have turned out to make very little sense... and that's the way we like it!

Variations include changing the number of words each person is allowed, adding more pages for a longer game, using fewer pages for a game that's more brief, having some pages go clockwise while others go counterclockwise (label them at the top to avoid some confusion), and whatever else your imagination can produce.

Helpful tips include using different colored pens for ease of differentiation between players, playing with people who write neatly and are at least semi-literate, and playing at a late hour. Happy gaming!

Here are some past games. Please bear in mind that they were created by people who were punchy from the lateness of the hour, and in some cases, tipsy on alcohol:

May 28, 2000, 10 players
Everyone used the same color pen, so differentiation for the purposes of this transcript was too difficult. The players were Spacemonkey, Thom, Angie, John, Sarah, Steve, Mo, Peggy, Darque, and myself. We played this game after spending several hours playing Balderdash, making up silly definitions for obscure words. Some of the words found their way into these stories. Some non-existent words seem to have, as well. All creative spelling, punctuation, and capitalization has been preserved.

Story #1

THERE ONCE WAS a spaceship called MARYANN. IT FLOATED in the pacific context of the New order of penguins in the box with the newborn CELEBRITY CHILD IN A VAT of lime jello liquified with flat sexy things to Fill her up with the concrete she wanted poured last week ON HER EX-HUSBAND'S HEAVING BUTTOCKS. SHE spanked his wallet as she sucked his penis with her nipple wishing for his boggle game with daren + SAMANTHA and Eudora UNDULATING FERVENTLY AGAINST WELL-ENDOWED MONKIES with big red spots of soft hard candy.

Story #2

Ironicly, he knew There was NO damn peach fuzz under her arms, SO WE TAUNTED THE HELPLESS CHILDREN with lollipops sat silently while the suck the ending chord with exciting yummy monkey sauce fondue sticks to your palatial desires OF RAW, UNADULTERATED MONKEY-LOVE. She needed it badly hoping that she would cum in record time if she would change the channel to TNT and stay away from DARK ALEYWAYS BEHIND ABANDONED 7-11'S. I needed to stop by the deli and get a big sausage and pickles to transplant for the sick minds who feed OUR IMAGINATIONS WITH FATTY TREATS and a vat of filthy monkies.

Story #3

It was not A TUNA SANDWICH, IT WAS A bad deli day. THE MEAT WAS cold and fury and not at "oh shit."

Then the plumber took his snake from his tool box and LAUNCHED IT INTO THE FARTHEST REACHES of the closet hoping to strike a gold mind in the most unusual special Spots of knowledge + hot MONKEY responses of JUNGLE EEPS & OOPS LIKE, "HEY, MAN... Bite me on my little white dick and fat head on it. Oh Shit! Then they had a game of chance CALLED BACCARAT, WHICH NEVER WAS PROPERLY inserted into place, so he started to get off in the wrom foot and launch her to the place where she ONCE BIRTHED A BIG, RED, SHINY Cadillac Deville.

Story #4

After she hung HER KEYS ON the counter she wept openly because ironically she kept both sticky hands for sure because she WANTED HER MELONS TO BE THUMPED. Hard and Fast she gently Thrust her big huge tounge in the light socket of lust + maJesty shimmering in twilight, WITH PENDULOUS BREASTS AND A TIGHT bank roll in between The wide ass of a dark and sexy door stop called Thom for pepperoni pizza, but said "please MAY I HAVE A MONKEYSPANKING?" "no, I need a good dose of Extacy so I can cumm-out of the closet and dance the myringa with Aunt Wanda.

Story (Poem?) #5

she said
don't stop!
Leave the monkey
Eat The monkey
Eat the Angie
Eat the Sarah Hey baby!
and repeat
the second verse
which he had forgotten
There were no
buttons present to
push in the tonic water
with yellow highlighter
in a condom filled with
mustard that looked
beginning to enlarge
freshly prepare melons
and strawberries to
melt in my underwhere
drawer with the fringe of her
shirt spilled over the
UPHEAVAL OF the French

Story #6

Scottish women are a bunch of women to be BROGGLED AND MONKEY SPANKED. In the town of Oz round the big fat cow barn where whe would have lost her bottoms to her britches BECAUSE SHE'S FERLY AND QUITE SMOOTH, licking lips another spending spree started and Angie spent sloppy, sexy monkey money maker + changer of all good LITTLE SCHOOLGIRLS WHO WEAR FUZZY slippers to school and opened The door to the principle's trousers. Up the flagpole! Up the Flagpole, they shouted while the flag went BURNING IN A BLAZE OF GLORY into the night.

Story #7

sex is fun when you can't broggle all the way the fur was too hot to keep UNSHAVEN PITS AROUND IN JARS with mayonase and strawberry flavored lipstick with peach accented boggle juice in her neather pockets of of recessed gums THAT LISTERINE COULDN'T EVEN AFFECT, BUDDY! There in the WOODS APPEARED NAKED men all around her and they took turns painting her house + changing oil or the water pump IN THE ESCORT SERVICE'S WAITING ROOM had rolled up piece of ass to kiss on the First time around the track and field of horses who or which whinnied FOR SUGAR CUBES.

Story #8

IN the East of Timbus MAIDENS FROLICKED TOPLESS, UNAWARE OF THE muppet character THE TURTLE FELL and bump his head with all of Scotish women looking on the weB to see "porno" written on the MEN'S ROOM WALL IN PINK LIPSTICK began to make small circles moving around the mirror at 4:20 GMT which is actually no time at ALL TO SCRUMP MY BOGGLEYMONGERS! I mention, "Get me a big man I can talk to and play donkey kong with my dead puppy and my boa snake FOR BONG HITS AND CAVIAR DREAMS!

Story #9

THERE ONCE WAS a dog named Butch, who lived in a Nautical congregation at the edge of NIGHT, UNDER COVER OF her sheeted bed she slipped his dick in his well oiled ivory troll slayer of happiness in pink panties whose febreeze emptied THE FOUL STENCH OF FOETID FLESH falling off bone starved flesh eating fish-like smell like flesh being dipilitated from the trees or sap from SOAP OPERA SCRIPTS TO UNDERDEVELOPED FILM that would convict a little grumpy man on the evidence of his ejaculation of hair out his Nose.

Story #10

AS SHE LOWERED HER LIPS TO the lover she GENTLY CARESSED HER vagina on his hairy ass and tight broggle the eels in her top dresser drawer then SWALLOW A HUMONGOUS, SWOLLEN, DRIPPING, GIGANTIC Throbing penis implant ONLY TO FIND he was a she and s/he was dragging it's loan payment of love to the depths of depression WITHOUT HOPE OF EVER climbing Mt. Everest she tossed her clothes over the Fountain in the forbidden city of Shiny Red Monkey Butt of love a new. fresh HEAD OF LETTUCE AND MAYONAISSE DREAMS! I pulled off my socks and shoes so I can beat my little little little little, where the wind doth the buffalo furl ferly IN GREEN PASTURES WITH BIG RED chewing gum.

March 28, 2000, 5 players

Story #1

Due to the large penis stuck in the guillotine her head fell off the stick upon which it sat. I wandered adrift a deserted island where only sparrows and twiddlebugs live popcorn - crunchy, tasty man - eating griffons that chewed on my grandfather's favorite clock, down the hall, to the left and a step to right wing republicans and nazis. Nazis suck big donkey dick. Romeo, romeo, wherefore art thou Fred? He then fell over the cat and made it like teenagers in love. they were stickey like the banister after the child became like popsicles and candy corn.

Story #2

There once was a tiny little man who sit in my mudpile of love and red balloons full of pickled frogs ready to dodge cars not cadillacs. But lice crawled into bed. They came on the windshield was bug-splattered and slimy , like your mother's secretions , not spoken of at all, even when patio furniture and Gerald Fitzpatrick , Plato and Socrates. Aristotle, however, when I cried at Jack's funeral in Monterey Jack cheese-food factory , not man-made jock straps - that have jalapeno sauce on their delicate fuzz on her twat , which I shave monthly.

Story #3

Dark + Gloomy was the night of the doomed. I sang a song at karaoke that sounded like a dead cat in my glove-compartment. I keep gloves there. For protection. Silently I crept toward the porn store, where Georges often go. Then the next week they leapt forth, into the inky blackness of my darkened soul which the necromancers crept into my dreams. The rain fell silently on the open field where cows and chickens romp like cats in heat meowing in the darkness of my mind. Cobwebs drape over the backs of of the doomed interloper entering the wrong doorway when Suddenly Shaggy Brooke Shields called the mortician, who promptly left.

Story #4

I did the mambo, and danced all to leap across a running stream of pee going down my pants to my bulbuous love knob of power. Thrusting in my breast and down my slippery wet gullet, like living in my colon , under my spleen named Kevin who farted to the tune of karaoke music. Midriff girl is an annoying bitch who can't sing and wears a rainbow beanie. I collect beanies - the propeller kind. And my hat blew off my condom. I like condoms - especially flavored ones. Blueberry and chocolate, like the characters written in Chinese, poorly translated but still understandable to aliens.

Story #5

Somewhere out there , if love can find a way to end the world. Then the enormous cockroach skittered accross the kitchen floor. But then spiders crawled up the light socket with bobby pins and skittles. My guitar gently wept because it had a hairy back is absolutely disgusting because it squeaks loudly, scaring away my testicles. They are round like a record baby right round baby right round. The lunchbox broke over my old school house where Laura Ingalls met Armando Wilder than his hair was purple-blue - like a bruise on her eye , shaped like a lemon, I squeezed one.