What are Snaptions?
Snaptions are the snappy captions that players submit for the pictures displayed here. Not all captions will be accepted. Once a caption is submitted, it gets reviewed by the judges, and if it's funny, witty, snappy, and worthy, it becomes a Snaption! The accepted Snaptions will all be displayed, but the best Snaption will be given a place of honor next to the picture it describes. If a Snaption comes along that is even better than that one, the previous "best" Snaption will be unseated, and the new one will take its place.

Some of the words, pictures, and themes in this game may be objectionable to some people. Those who are easily offended should not go further than this page.

How do I submit a caption?
Click on the Snaptions logo to begin the game. The black, horizontal frame has a submit form at the bottom. After you've read the other snaptions, scroll down and take a shot at creating your own. Then head on over to the next picture by clicking its link in the upper right hand corner of your screen. If you experience any problems with the game, please email the editors with a description of the error.

The game awaits you! Be silly, be cerebral, be obscure, be obvious, but above all, be funny!

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