LadyJ's Background Emporium

These are all original backgrounds created by LadyJ using Adobe Photoshop. They are free for download and use. If you use any of these backgrounds, a link back here would be ultra cool and much appreciated. Thanks.

Click on an image to see it as a background.

Creeping Ivy

Purple Feathers

Dense Forest

Molten Ebony

Fuzzy Red Ribbon

Streaky Grey

Painted Waves

Wedding Cake

Watery Plaid

Ivy Clusters

Theatre Curtain

Horizontal Vines

Molten Silver

Liquid Purple

Creepy Flesh

Abstract Frog

Green Smudges

Fuzzy Lavender

Light Ivy

Purple Grid

Dangly Dealies

Enormous Flowers

Arrow Storm

Crackly Stuff

Crisscross Collage


Minty Plumes

Purple Links

Pink Silk

Tie Dye